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International center for Punjabi culture the aegis of the abovementioned trust the Organization function on philanthropic perspective and non – profit Organization.


ICPC is essngaged in multi-level research and information dissemination for the Global audience on the score of understanding Punjabi culture and develop an holistic view towards creating avenues for international brotherhood and promote a cross – cultural affinity people situated  in different part of our globe.


Research and Publication

ICPC has already undertake search on Punjabi culture field research on Punjabi culture encompassing various socio-religious and cultural aspect of this great platform of multy –ethnic culture where for ages amalgamation remain the sprit of the field of the land.
ICPC has identified haddress of India as its entry point and workout a background paper which is available in this site under research feature. Globally speaking cultural dynamic of India is look through its colorful costume and headdresses. Punjab remain one of the pivotal punctuation where the regality.


ICPC PROPOSE TO FACI LITATE NETWORKING AMONGST PEOPLE AND ALLOW OTHER TO share cultural experiences. As culture, when it is experienced allow the taste of the nectar thus ICPC would bridge different organization on Punjab or about Punjabi culture to come and unite and function.
In cohesive manner. The would facilitate synchronization of event for the purpose of cultural exposition of human Endeavour.


ICPC understands the modernity of this new millennium and would utilize the multimode to disseminate information. With a view to achieve this end from creating Cds ICPC would create films and documentaries on folk culture and nuances of festivity and customs to keep every body abreast with the information of the NOW.ICPC would create specific learning Cds on the score of expending the knowledge of GURMUKHI which has almost become a lost  heritage of Punjabi culture. Alongside, it would adapt new technologies for the purpose of storageand information dissemation on several sectors of research and field.

Cultural Events and Exposition

ICPC propose to organize regular cultural events to ventilate the dynamic of Punjabi culture and would facilitate a broad-segment
Acclimatization of their own culture especially for those who are posited in distant land geographically. Alongside ICPC would organize several exhibition and seminars to promote talent and create an inroad to aesthetic appreciation of multi- arts
Remain the part of its cultural continuum. ICPC planning to create a data bank of information of Headdresses of Punjab and record its Theo- social nuance including hearsay and mythology.
Towards the project ICPC would gather information about folk lyrics on pugs and record them as well apart from collecting the view and news of traditional pride of Punjab.

Information Dissemination

ICPC believes that information remains the bridge of cultural of cultural growth enveloping the entire mankind. Cultural ideas when exchanged in right perspective not only allows to satiate human quest know the socio-anthropological appetite but also opens up the society with greater force amalgamation of wide –spectrum of our universal cultural heritage. Information dissemination matter most to the people who live away from their roots in Punjab and allows infrequent trip to their mother- land information also fortify neo- generation to practice and carry out perspective of their own cultural pride without submitting to the cultural specific of different culture. The concept of appreciation of own cultural leads to a positive deliberation of living and enjoy the life within its punctuation
Of ceremonies and customs happily. Thus ICPC propose to bring out valuable book and sacred scripture to the forefront of human knowledge consumption.
ICPC plan to collaborate with different organizations which are publishing book on Punjab be it Sikhism or traditional/folk literature which acclaimed laurels. On no–profit-no- loss basis those book will be publicized and sold to cross sectional people to bring about the awareness of rich textual cultural heritage of Punjab. Organization and agencies are welcome to collaborate with ICPC for the broad networking of cultural information dissemination programmed.


ICPC understand well that a society grows with the proper nurturing of basic requirement of life. Within the bracket of abject poverty and scarcity no individual can develop himself or herself as a `pride ‘ of any given society .towards this ICPC would endeavour to empower the have –nots to facilitate a smooth growth of the society ICPC is presently engaged in identifying these sector and would address the problem of the society in a purposeful manner so that marginalies people can shed their temporal failure and setback and look ahead to march along with those who  are cultural flag bearer of the society. ICPC is planning to emphasise upon the segment called `disabled’ encompassing a broader connotation .ICPC  feels they need no sympathy but a rightful appreciation as any other normal individual. ICPC is also contemplating to take care of the Senior Citizen who are marginalized due to social and economic reasons. In order to achieve this objective ICPC appeals all and sundry to generously so that ICPC can take some positive step towards betterment of their condition.